Chariho Announces Updated EEE Precautions for Events on the Chariho Campus

The District will take/has taken the following precautions regarding the EEE threat:

  • The Chariho Campus was sprayed for mosquitoes on August 30; subsequent spraying of nearby areas has been conducted by DEM . 
  • Smart scheduling is in place for all practices and games; teams are off the field an hour before sunset (by 6:30 PM).  These adjustments have generally been made in coordination with Washington County Schools’ Athletic Departments and most are using the same precautions.
  • Events expected to end at 6:30 PM or later are likely to be rescheduled for an earlier time or on another day.
  • All teams have been supplied insect repellent which is to be used at every practice/game by players and coaches.  
  • Athletes have been advised to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when appropriate for competition and/or when they are not participating in an event.
  • Chariho Sports Boosters will have repellent available for all patrons entering an outside sporting event.
  • Maintenance personnel are continually inspecting all areas for places where water may collect.