Employees of the Month Named

Barbara Browning & Deb Zonfrilli Selected as Employees of the Month
Dear Mr. Ricci,
I would like to nominate Deb Zonfrilli and Barbara Browning for employees of the month. On August 19, 2019, I received notice that I had to move 2 classrooms to accommodate the needs of a particular student. Deb never once hesitated about moving her classroom and immediately began packing her room within seconds of the news. Barbara was also informed and again within seconds she asked what she can do to help. Deb and Barbara packed up both rooms and worked fast and swift to make the transition happen quickly. By the end of the week, both rooms were packed, moved, and organized. I was in awe watching these two individuals move these classrooms. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication during such a hectic week. Both are well deserving for this award. 
Giuseppe Gencarelli (Mr. G), Principal
Hope Valley Elementary School
School Specialty: Visual and Performing Arts
Twitter: @ JoeGencarelli1