Advisory is designed to create a relationship between advisor and advisee as well as to oversee the work of advisees as they collect and reflect on the work included in their portfolio.  Advisors will assist students in the completion of their Graduation Portfolio and, ultimately, with the presentation of the portfolio to a panel of adults during their senior year.


Google Drive Checklists: Open the checklist and save the file into your own drive for easy access and updating! 

Class Advisor Checklist - For ease of tracking your entire advisory class

Individual Student Checklist - For ease of managing individual or your very own portfolio progress 


Nearpod Presentations - After clicking on the link, please sign into your Nearpod account and then click "Yes" in order to add the presentation to your own library.

Expectations 1 - 3

Expectations 4 - 6

Expectations 7 - 10

Other Stuff!


Benchmarks - In an effort to support student success and timely completion of students’ graduation portfolios, students must meet the Graduation Portfolio Benchmarks. Failure to complete the CHS Benchmarks will result in exclusion from class activities. Class activities include: proms, parking pass, senior picnic, etc.

Class benchmarks are:

  • To be a sophomore, students must have entered eight (8) portfolio items, three (3) of which must be from Expectations #1 and #2.
  • To be a junior, students must have entered sixteen (16) portfolio items, six (6) of which must be from Expectations #1 and #2.
  • To be a senior, students must have entered twenty-four (24) portfolio items, nine (9) of which must be from Expectations #1 and #2.


Faculty FAQs - A basic FAQ of the most common questions regarding advisory, the portfolio, and graduation presentations.

Advisory Basics - An informative handout on how advisory is run and where to find helpful resources toward completion of the Graduation Portfolio.

Portfolio Changes: Listing of project changes of old items and new items from graduating year of 2015 and beyond.