Presentation Help

The presentation not only showcases the work you’ve done, but it is also a showcase of what distinguishes you from others.  “Separating from the herd” has become very important at Chariho.  Portraying “who you really are” is ideally what the Portfolio Presentations should illustrate.  No two presentations should be exactly the same, since no two seniors are exactly the same.  Please utilize the following outline to create your Portfolio Presentation.



These resources are guidelines toward creating your Graduation Portfolio Presentation.  Please keep in mind that there is no better tool toward your success than practicing your presentation and individualizing your presentation to who you are.  Make a memorable presentation, showcase who you are and who you hope to become!

Presentation Outline: The essentials needed for your presentation.

Presentation Rubric: Evaluate the rubric before you present so that you know what is expected from the presentation!

Practice Presenting: Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!