The American Legion H.M. Merrill Post #16 Scholarship

Due Date: 
Monday, April 1, 2019

Applicants must identify at least one relative who has received an Honorable Discharge from any branch of the US Armed Forces or is presently serving in the US military (grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, or siblings qualify).

Each applicant must submit two letters of recommendation.

Each applicant must submit an essay of no fewer than 500 words on "Do You Think It Is Important For Everyone To Be Registered To Vote and To Exercise Their Right to Vote?  If So, Why?  If not, Why Not?"

For complete list of application requirements and for the application, click on the link below.

All documentation are due to school counselors' offices by April 1, 2019 for processing and mailing.

Intended For: 
Seniors Only
american_legoin_hw_merrill_post_16.pdf1.11 MB