Invention and History of Rockets -
The history of rocketry, including dates.

Rocketry Through the Ages -
Information about rockets, including a timeline.




Amazing Space -
Younger students will want to check out these fun Web based activities.

Moons of Jupiter -
Information about the many moons of Jupiter.

The Nine/Eight Planets -
Wonderful images and facts about the planets in our solar system.

Solar System Exploration -
Sponsored by NASA, this website has links to information about each planet.

The Space Place -
This site features some wonderful images of space and includes the planets.

Star Child: A Learning Center For Young Astronomers -
This site features links to information on the solar system and universe. It also includes solar system activities.

Welcome to the Planets -
This site sponsored by NASA includes a glossary and the "Explorers" link includes information one early exploratory space craft.

Windows to the Universe -
Click on "Enter the site" and then follow the link for "Our Solar System". This is a wonderful site!

World Book Online Reference Center -
An Encyclopedia online! Internet sites available as well as primary sources. The username is "chariho" and the password is "mediacenter", all one word, lowercase. Write your planet name in the search box.


Astronaut Training from NASA: What does it take to be an astronaut? 

Lunar Rover: Check out the newest generation of lunar rovers from NASA 

Lunar Rovers: Real Rovers