School Committee Meeting

Aug 21 2018 - 6:30pm - 10:00pm
High School Library

Chariho Regional School District, Switch Road, Wood River Junction, RI 02894


6:30 PM Executive Session – 7:00 PM Open Session - Chariho High School Library

A vote may be taken on any item on this agenda.

Note: The public is welcome to any meeting of the School Committee or its subcommittees. If communication assistance (readers/ interpreters/captions) or any other accommodations are needed to ensure equal participation, please contact the Superintendent’s office at least two (2) business days prior to the meeting.

Any changes in this agenda will be posted on the school district's website ( as well as in the Chariho Administration Building at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the meeting. Individuals requesting special notice of the revised agenda must call (401) 364-7575 to make arrangements for same.

I. Meeting Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Silent Meditation

II. Motion to Vote to go into Executive Session under the authority of R.I. General Laws Section 42-46-5(a)(2) for the purpose of discussion and/or action pertaining to litigation (approval of executive session minutes of July 24, 2018 - Legal Strategy/Update Case # PC-2018-4682 - Chariho Regional School District v. Kenneth Wagner in His Capacity as the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education of the State of Rhode Island); under the authority of R.I. General Laws Section 42-46-5(a)(3) for the purpose of discussion and/or action pertaining to the matter of security including but not limited to the deployment of security personnel or devices (approval of Emergency Operation Plans and School Security Update); and under the authority of R.I. General Laws Section 42-46-5(a)(8) for the purpose of reviewing and/or approving matters which relate to the privacy of students and their records (approval of executive session minutes of July 24, 2018 - Home School Requests and approval of Home School Requests); any persons to be discussed have been so notified.

III. Closing/Sealing of Executive Session Minutes

IV. Disclosure of Executive Session Votes

V. Recognition

VI. Public Forum

VII. Policy
A. Summer School, Extended School and Night School Policy (Revision)

VIII. Business
A. Permission to Establish Rainbow Alliance Club at Chariho Middle School
B. Discussion of Microphones
C. Richmond School Assistant Principal Letter of Agreement
D. Development Officer Letter of Agreement
E. Strategic Planning

IX. Consent Agenda Items
A. Minutes
B. Transfers
C. Bill Review
D. Budget Summary
E. Personnel Actions
F. Permission to Issue Bids/Request Quotes
G. Permission to Award Contracts
H. Home Instruction
I. Grants
J. Donations

X. Reports
A. Subcommittee Reports
1. RYSE School Building Committee
B. Assistant Superintendent’s Report
1. District Professional Development Days
2. Opening Convocation
3. Enrollment/Staffing Update
4. Mandarin Teacher
5. Community 2000 15th Annual Golf Tournament
6. Charlestown Water Update
7. Capital Projects Update
8. Waivers to Student Transportation
C. Coming Events

XI. School Committee Requests for Future Agenda Items or Legal Opinions

XII. Adjournment – Future Meetings:
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 – SC Meeting – 7:00 PM – High School Library
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – SC Meeting – 7:00 PM – High School Library

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