Simple Web Page Cheat Sheet

To get started, open up a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Go to the Chariho Home page at and you'll see a login box at the bottom right of the page. Log in using your e-mail username and password. You can do this from any computer, here or at home and you don't need any special software like FrontPage to make web pages.

Once you're logged in, the login box will look like this. If you have a link called Create Content, you're ready to make a web page. Click Create Content to make a web page. (If you don't have a Create Content button, contact Jamie so he can give it to you.)

Click Page. Don't worry about the other options like Image, you won't use them.

Enter some basic information about your web page. A Title is required.

Now you're ready for the body of the page:

Revision Information: Revisions are like a giant Undo button. Every time you click save, the website creates a snapshot of your page. If you make a mistake, you can revert the page back the the way it looked at any point in the past. Revisions pile up after a while. If you enter a Log Message detailing the changes you've made, it will be easier to find the revision that you want.

URL path settings: This is the address of your page on the Internet. If you leave this blank, the site will automatically assign you an address that looks like this:
However, you can use the URL Path Settings box to assign an address to your page that is easy to remember. You have to follow some rules though:

  • No spaces
  • No symbols except for _ and - (underscore and dash)
  • Not case-sensitive (upper and lower case doesn't matter)
  • Remember it's a District site. Don't use names that are overly generic like "grade4", use "richmond_grade_4" instead

So if you put tou_of_spongebob in to the URL Path Settings box, the address of this page will be:

File Attachments: Here you can attach files to your web page. The name of your file should follow address rules:

  • No spaces
  • No symbols except for _ and - (underscore and dash)
  • Not case-sensitive (upper and lower case doesn't matter)

If the List box is checked, the website will provide a link to your file at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you can make a link to it using the address provided.

Click Save to save your new page. The Delete button will delete the entire page and all revisions! Be very careful when deleting pages, they cannot be retrieved.
Click Save and your new page is immediately posted live on the website: