Summer Programs

Name Description Intended For Due Date
Summer Architecture Program at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Summer program for students who have an interest in:

  • Designing and Constructing a full-scale structure
  • Temporary art or temporary installation
  • Creating a community-based project
  • Earning college credit
  • Living on a college campus in Boston (optional)

Interested students can learn more at If you have any questions, contact the program at summerfab [at] wit [dot] edu.

Everyone Friday, June 1, 2018
Lebanon Valley College Actuarial Science Camp

An actuary is a business professional who uses mathematical and financial tools to help identify and manage risk, so it's a great career for students who are strong mathematically but who are not necessarily interested in teaching. It's also great for students who like business and have good math aptitude. Lebanon Valley College runs a one-week summer program for rising high school seniors who want to learn more about the profession. Here's a link to the program web site:

Seniors Only Wednesday, June 20, 2018
URI Dive Safety Program--SCUBA Certification

The URI Dive Safety Program provides various opportunities for students to become SCUBA certified and use their certification towards future endeavors within their discipline or just for fun. Over the summer months we extend our entry-level course to the general public through the URI Recreational Center.

This summer in particular they are pleased to offer a course for high school students only. The hope in doing so is to give local high school students the opportunity to learn about the underwater environment through their SCUBA curriculum as well as gain a better understanding of the programs offered at URI through higher education. This class is all-inclusive meaning students do not have to purchase any of their own gear.

In addition to the high school student only course, we also set up a scholarship opportunity for two students to participate in the class cost-free. I'm looking to accept students who will use this to help gain experience and guidance for pursuing future career/ higher education options. The flyer with directions and mandatory additional medical paperwork below.

Directions to apply for both the scholarship or to enroll in the course itself are listed on the flyers below. Spots are very limited. If there are any questions or concerns please contact Alexandra Moen at 401-874-6205.

Everyone Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Roger Williams University Certificate Programs at Westerly Education Center

Roger Williams University is offering 4 certificate programs at the Westerly Education Center starting March 5, 2018.

These are workforce training programs as part of the Ability to Benefit program. They are entry level programs that provide work skills within their respective industries and beyond. These programs are industry driven and we actively seek to place our graduates in jobs with our employer partners.

They are available to either High School graduates or students that have not obtained there HS Diploma or GED. For those that have not obtained their HS credential, they are eligible for a Pell grant that will pay for the entire cost of the program provided they are currently enrolled in a qualified GED program.

For more information, see the attached files

Everyone Saturday, June 30, 2018
Advanced Coursework Network through New English Institute of Technology

In the Fall of 2016, Rhode Island secondary schools will have the opportunity to expand the advanced level coursework available to their high school and middle school students through a new initiative, the Advanced Coursework Network (ACN).

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) will be supporting the costs of the coursework for eligible public high school students. As such, Local Education Agencies (LEAs), public schools, public school students and their families from eligible schools in Rhode Island will not be assessed any tuition or fees associated with participating in ACN courses. Students from outside of the state may be eligible to take the courses at cost, depending on availability.

For more information, please visit

Everyone Sunday, June 30, 2019