Certified Nursing Assistant

This course consists of a total of 120 hours (80 hours of classroom instruction as well as 40 clinical hours in an outside facility).  Students who successfully complete all aspects of the course will be eligible to take the state examination for certification.
Program Director: Ann Norato

​Tuition: $800.00 

Summer Classes Begin: Monday, July 8th (Monday THROUGH Thursday)

Time/Room: 5:00 - 9:00 pm/CTC Room 117

Please Note ... Clinical Hours Will Run from 4:30 - 9:30pm Monday THROUGH Thursday

Deposit: $100.00 (money order only)

**Additional Costs: Please note that the costs for the BCI check, the state examinations, and CPR certification are not included in the tuition.

At registration, potential candidates are required to take a pre-test for the course.  Plan on an extra 30 minutes.