Technology Help FAQ

To request help with a district computer:

1.) Go to the Chariho home page
2.) Click “District Information”
3.) Click “Technology”
4.) Click “Request Support”

Or, just go to

5.) Login and fill out the form
6.) Click “Save”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to use this stupid form?

- The data from this form is automatically entered into a database where we track all the work that we do. We compile the statistics monthly and use them to justify our budget, and to hire more technicians.

- If we didn’t have this system, we wouldn’t be able to prove the fact that the number of support requests doubled from 2000-2001, and doubled again from 2001-2002.

- If you don’t use the form, then we have to type it in ourselves, and that takes time away from actually solving problems.

Why can’t I just kidnap a support technician when I see them in the hallway?

- If you see us in the hallway, we’re probably in the middle of another problem.

- We’ll forget about your problem if we don’t have a written reminder.

- If we do help you, we might forget to enter that into the database and we won’t get “credit” for it.

Why can’t I just call the computing department (x2770) when I have a problem?

- If you call us, we still have to enter the problem into the database, which takes our time away from solving problems.

- We would like people to call only if the problem is very urgent.

The internet connection for my building is down, I cannot get to the Support Request Page. What do I do?

- Call us at x2770 or 364-1163

The phones are down too, what now?

- The office in each building has an emergency phone line on a separate system that usually works when the regular phone system is down.

My computer isn’t working, how am I supposed to get to this web page?

- There are other computers that you can use, either in the library, house offices, teachers’ rooms, or adjacent classrooms.

My e-mail isn’t working, so I can’t send a Support Request.

- The Support Request form doesn’t use your e-mail, so it will work even if your e-mail doesn’t