Tips for Inserting a Resource Passage which scrolls 
For students to be able to highlight in a PDF when it is added to an Item.  In order for a passage with any length to populate with a scroll bar, add the passage as a "Resource" first.
1.  Go to "Items" - "New Resource"
2.  Change the drop down from "File" to "Edit"
3.  Paste the passage into the edit screen
4.  Format as you'd like, insert pictures individually
5.  Use the passage name as the Title, DO NOT use any "." in the Title or it will not save

The when creating the Test Item, suggested you use the "Side by Side" Template, adding the Resource on the left side, the question on the right hand side.

Posted by Jane Daly On 10 October, 2019 at 8:57 PM  

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