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Updated COVID-19 Protocols for Public Interaction (Updated as of 2/11/21)

Dear Chariho Families,

We have several important reminders. Please take the time to carefully review all of the information.

February Winter Recess -Feb 15-19

At this time, we are planning to return to in-person learning on February 22nd for all families that are registered for in-person learning. There are no plans to move to Distance Learning(DL) after the break. The decision to move to DL is always based on our school/district COVID data. As of now, our cases would not warrant a move to DL after February Recess. We monitor the positive COVID cases every day. Please know we work very hard in collaboration with the principals to avoid a full move to DL. We try and move only the students/class or team whenever possible. Our goal is to keep schools open as much as possible and to ensure we do it safely.

Upcoming Meetings

March 2- Annual Budget Hearing- 7:30 pm -You will need to register using this link, answer the required questions (ensuring it matches your voter registration information) and be a registered voter in Hopkinton, Charlestown or Richmond to be counted towards the quorum. The Chariho Act states we will need 25 residents from each town to attend. The Board of Canvassers will be reviewing all information to confirm the quorum.

March 3- Anti-Racism Task Force- 7 pm- Use this link to register to attend the meeting. Agendas are posted 48 hours prior to the meeting per the Open Meetings Act. Agendas can be found on our Website by selecting the District Information tab, clicking the Calendar Section, and locating the date of the meeting as well as on the Secretary of State’s website. You can access recordings of previous meetings using this link.

March 9- Health and Wellness Sub Committee 4 pm-Use this link to register to attend the meeting. Agendas are posted 48 hours prior to the meeting per the Open Meetings Act. Agendas can be found on our Website by selecting the District Information tab, clicking the Calendar Section, and locating the date of the meeting as well as on the Secretary of State’s website.


As many families are contemplating travel and making decisions about upcoming school breaks/vacations we wanted to remind all families of our travel policy. As a reminder, students who travel out of state to any location with a positivity rate greater than 5% (those states are listed here, and the list is constantly updated) will require a 14-day quarantine upon return. Travel for Chariho is defined as going to another state to attend any event/performance, family gathering/party/reunion with people outside of your immediate household. It does not matter if it is overnight or a day trip. This is the preferred response of the RI Department of Health as well as what is required in our school committee approved policy, as a negative test only indicates that the virus is not currently present. In the event there are families who must travel, we ask that you inform your school principal so that we can accurately record absences and communicate with staff about attendance and plans for continuity of education upon return. 

Registration for Trimester 3 and Quarter 4

  • Elementary School(ES) Registration for Trimester 3 will begin after February Recess. We do not anticipate any major concerns in regards to accommodating elementary school requests. Trimester 3 begins on March 22nd.

  • High School/Middle School Quarter 4 Registration begins the first week of March. We will review the number of requests to determine if any changes in our current plan will need to occur. The challenges with high school/middle school in-person registration continues to be transportation and spacing in classrooms. Quarter 4 starts on April 26th.  

  • You will only need to register for Trimester 3/Quarter 4 if you are looking to change your learning scenario. If you want to continue with your current selection no registration is required.

  • Please note that if your child is registered for in-person learning the only time they should be accessing distance learning is if they have symptoms, are in quarantine/isolation, their class/district/school is placed on distance learning per the district/school administration or DL was the learning scenario they registered for T2/Q2 & Q3. 

  • The school administration will be continuing to message the district expectations in regards to when a child may participate in distance learning. Students cannot simply just move to DL, it must be for the reason stated above. If a student accesses DL and it is not for one of the reasons noted above the student will be marked absent for the day.

Responsible Use of Technology Policy

During the 2/9/2021 school committee meeting, the school committee approved a revision to this policy that made the following change: The District will not make use of any camera or microphone on District technology for remote monitoring purposes except during distance learning. The District can monitor devices not issued by the District that are using the District network or Internet services. This revision was put in place to ensure our student expectations to turn on the camera during specific instructional times, assessments, and tests were clearly articulated. Here is a link to our expectations

Click here to review the updated policy. 

Chartwells Grab and Go

Chartwells is handing out meals over February Recess. During February Break. You can pick up meals at Chariho Regional High School Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:15-10:45 am weather permitting. This opportunity is open to all Chariho students/families. Click here for the flyer.


If you have not already completed your SurveyWorks 2021 family survey there is still time to give us your feedback! Here are a few easy steps to complete the survey! 

1: Visit http://bit.ly/ridefamily

2: Select your school and complete the survey


Our COVID rates

To date, the number of positive cases for our district remains low in comparison to the State. Based on our current enrollment and staff numbers we have less than a 1% positivity rate.  Here is the link to the most recent school data of cases in our district and for all schools in the state.





Posted by Eric OBrien  On Feb 11, 2021 at 9:50 AM