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Updated COVID-19 Protocols for Public Interaction (Updated as of 7/31/20)

Dear Chariho Families,

We are preparing for our next round of registrations as we plan to move into Quarter 2 and Trimester 2. Here is the registration link for families PK-12 who want to make a change, either from distance learning to in-person learning or in-person learning to distance learning. Our PK-4 families will make a decision that will remain in place for Trimester 2. Our middle school/high school/CALA families will make a selection that will remain in place for Quarter 2 and Quarter 3. You will only need to register if you are making a change for the learning scenario you prefer in Quarter 2 and Quarter 3/Trimester 2. If you select distance learning you will automatically be opted out of transportation for Quarter 2 and Quarter 3/Trimester 2. Middle school/high school/CALA families must register if they are choosing to make a change no later than October 23rd. PK-4 families must register if they are choosing to make a change no later than October 29th. 

To register for a change, you will need to enter your child/children’s student ID number. You can locate that number by logging in to the PowerSchool parent portal. Once you login you will see the student ID number is on the right next to the name of the student. Click here to login.

Based on the new registrations for in-person learning we will need to determine if we can remain in a full open scenario or make a shift to a partial plan for grades 6-12. As you know transportation is limited due to the new guidelines and if we have more families that need transportation we will have to revise our plan. If you requested transportation but can drive your child/children or carpool we ask that you do so to free up space for families who need the bus every day. Our goal would be to determine the plan for quarter 2/3 no later than November 9th to allow the middle school, CALA, and high school families to plan accordingly. Grades PK- 5 per RIDE will be prioritized to remain full in person every day based on our ability to ensure all CDC guidance can be maintained.

As we plan for the colder months we have worked with an engineering company to review every school facility to prepare a plan to close the windows as the temperatures drop. We will be following the guidance that reviews ventilation requirements. Any room that requires outdoor air based on the air exchange will have a HEPA filter added to the room to ensure the appropriate air exchanges are met. 

We continue to work with RIDOH to monitor the cases in our region. To date, we have had a total of 3 positive staff cases with very small numbers involved in the contract tracing done by RIDOH. As a reminder, RIDOH contacts any individual who is involved in contact tracing. Please review the updated bulletin from RIDE and RIDOH that discusses COVID protocols for families. As a reminder, if your child was exposed to someone with COVID-19, whether at Chariho, a restaurant, or work, the Department of Health, would notify you and provide appropriate instructions. We take our lead from RIDOH on the communication that needs to occur if any cases should arise.


Monday, October 19th is a Distance Learning Day PK-12. On this day there will be no live instruction as it is a teacher professional day across the state.

Parent Tech Support Nights

We are working to provide additional support to our families who would like help with the technology their child/children are using in school. Rene Rosavich will be providing Virtual Parent Tech-Nights: Click here for the dates and zoom links. 

We thank you for your patience, support, and understanding as we continue to create plans that are in the best interest of our entire community. 


Gina Picard


Posted by Eric OBrien  On Oct 16, 2020 at 4:14 PM