K-12 ELA High-Quality Curriculum Material (HQCM) Adoption 

K-12 ELA High-Quality Curriculum Material (HQCM) Adoption approved by the School Committee!

At the January 12, 2021 School Committee Meeting, our new K-12 ELA programs were approved for adoption.  For the 2021-2022 school year, Chariho will be implementing Into Reading in Grades K-5, and StudySync in Grades 6-12.  Here is the slidedeck  from the School Committee presentation.  From the survey staff completed in the fall, one of the overall concerns from teachers was about the amount of time they spend on developing and curating materials, and consistency of materials used across grade levels and schools.  We are so excited to have chosen programs which meet these concerns, and also provide comprehensive programs which include curriculum, instructional strategies and materials, and assessment, and also with enhanced technology features for students.

Our ELA Adoption team members have started to present overviews and conduct “deeper dives” of the proposed programs with teachers at each school, and this will continue through February and March.  We have also ordered samples of the programs for each school building for teachers to peruse, and you will be notified by your administrator when and how to access these materials for perusal.  

For Grades K-4, another overview presentation is scheduled for the February 4 faculty meetings, and “deeper dives” will take place at each Elementary School on the March 15th state professional learning day. 

The ELA Adoption Team is excited to share this information with you in the coming weeks!

Jill Burke, Jane Daly, MaryBeth Florenz, Giuseppe Gencarelli, Dana Hall, Iris Ornberg, Kerry Pastore, Andrea Spas, Jean Westcott
Posted by Jane Daly On 29 January, 2021 at 1:18 PM