AIM Pathway Science of Reading Update 

AIM Pathway Science of Reading Proficiency Training:

Thank you to everyone for your participation and engagement in the science of reading proficiency training!  We are off to great start. Thank you also for your feedback as we continue to move through this process. I wanted to share some information prior to the upcoming virtual community of practice:

  • Our first Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) takes place during the early release time on Thursday, September 22. The district is organized into four cohorts in the following way:
    • Cohort 1: Charlestown
    • Cohort 2: Richmond
    • Cohort 3: Ashaway & Hope Valley
    • Cohort 4: Middle & High School
  • You can find the zoom link to your cohort by logging on to the AIM dashboard, then:
    • Participants log into the platform
    • Click 'my courses'
    • Click the pathways to proficient reading tile.
    • Then, they scroll down to VCoP #1 and click 'view'. The zoom link is next to 'location'.
    • Please remember to upload your prework for the VCoP #1:
  • The directions for uploading file submissions are in a separate tile from the 'my courses' screen.
  • Go to My courses
  • Click the 'file submissions' course
  • Click 'start' next to VCoP 1, then read and follow the directions to complete the assignment. 
  • You can find the pacing guide for the year here
  • Some teachers have found it helpful to work on the lessons together to be able to discuss and debrief what they have learned
  • Some teachers have also found it helpful to download and print the lessons as a PDF. This may be more helpful than reading the content online, depending on how you learn best.

Please reach out directly to me ([email protected] ) if you have any questions about the platform.

Posted by Michael Comella On 26 September, 2022 at 8:31 AM