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A team of K-12 teachers conducted research last year and this fall to establish Chariho Guidelines for K-12 Writing Instruction.   These guidelines recommend a consistent writing program of instruction to be taught across the curriculum in Chariho. 

 We are very excited to share these published guidelines!  They will inform our work as we look to adopt a new Gr. K-12 ELA Program in 2021-2022.

 These guidelines will be published on the District Website  and can be found on the following page:  Chariho Regional School District / Teaching and Learning / Curriculum

Thank you to Dana Hall and Giuseppe Gencarelli for leading this work, and our entire K-12 Team:

 Kimberly Allen, Stefani Singer Anderson, Jill Burke, Jane Daly, MaryBeth Florenz, Giuseppe Gencarelli, Dana Hall, Shelly McGlinsey, Jenny Parker, Kerry Pastore, Jennifer Schroeder, Russell Venditto, Jean Westcott, and Michelle Whelan.

Posted by Jane Daly  On Dec 15, 2020 at 11:26 AM