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Dear K-8 Teachers of Math:

When a student logs in, the first interaction they have is with i-Ready Connect is to take the Diagnostic Assessment.  If you would like to administer the Diagnostic, speak with your building administrator first and obtain approval (re: concerns on too much testing, state testing, and making sure there is parent communication etc.).  If students take the Diagnostic first, they will be placed on a Personalized Lesson Pathway. 

However, there is also a "hide assessment" option.  The administrator or teacher can select this option.  If the teacher was to “hide the diagnostic assessment” then prior to completing a Diagnostic the student will have access to be assigned by the teacher to the following (but not be placed on an automatic Personalized Lesson Plan).:

  •  Learning Games
  • Comprehension Checks (teacher assigned)
  • Interactive Practice (teacher assigned)
  • Teacher Assigned Lessons (teacher assigned)
  • Bookshelf 
  • Digital Tools

To find more information on how to "hide the assessment", 1) Go to Then click on “+Diagnostic and Diagnostic Reports”, and 3) “+How do I manage the Assessment Access setting?”

 Starting with September, 2021, administering the Diagnostic will not be optional in Chariho.


Posted by Jane Daly  On Apr 13, 2021 at 3:54 PM

To Gr. K-8 Teachers of Math:

You and your students now have online access to ReadyClassroom Math!  The purpose of activating this now is to give you the opportunity to explore the program and have early access to the digital resources, which you could use with students if you’d like.  Teachers and students just click the Google Apps icon (the waffle) and then click on the i-Ready icon. 

Here are some quick resources for your reference:

  • For Grades K-5, here is a 1-page document with information on digitally assigning Interactive Practice, something you might try with your students now!
  •  For 24/7 access to tips, how-to's, videos, planning tools and MUCH MORE, please visit i-Ready Central

Chariho has used Ready Common Core Math for years, and again this year our students in Gr. K-8 have workbooks, and teachers have online access to teacher resources.  Those will continue to be used until the end of this school year.

In September, 2021, Gr. K-8 Math teachers will implement the NEW updated ReadyClassroom program.  Students will continue to receive a consumable workbook, and we will use the corresponding  iReady Math Benchmark Assessment (instead of STAR).  All teachers and students will have this digital access, that you can preview now.  Teachers can start looking at all the benefits this program offers. A K-8 Math Curriculum Launch Task Force was just formed to begin mapping out the Scope and Sequence for next year, and revising the first Quarter/Trimester’s curriculum units.  Professional Learning will be provided prior to the students’ first day of school, by the publisher, and teachers will implement this updated program at the beginning of the school year. 

Posted by Jane Daly  On Mar 23, 2021 at 9:18 AM