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Chariho Development in the News


Westerly Sun Story 12/2/2018
"Chariho hires development officer to promote district; believed to be a first for public school district in R.I."
Westerly Sun Story 2/26/2019
"School committee hears development plan for Chariho district"
Westerly Sun Story 2/12/2020
"Chariho’s first alumni luncheon lets old classmates, teachers renew acquaintances"
Westerly Sun Story 9/10/2020
             "Chariho district boosts its outreach                  with first newsletter"

Westerly Sun Story 10/15/2020
"Chariho marks high school's 60th anniversary"
Westerly Sun Story 11/5/2020
"Chariho receives $55K "Take It Outside" grant; district will use it for outside WiFi"

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Katie Kirakosian
Development Officer
455A Switch Road
Wood River Junction, RI 02894

P: (401) 552-7277
F: (401) 415-6076



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