Responsibilities of Committees

Implement: This phase of the process describes the time when the new curriculum will be put into place and used.

Notes: This five-year plan is a “working” plan in which flexibility is required. Adjustments to this plan will be allowed with the approval of the District Curriculum Planning Council.

Responsibilities of Committees

  • monitor the results of local and state assessments and make recommendations to school and district leaders
  • evaluate subject area programs and recommend to the appropriate (Subject Area) Task Force whether or not curriculum revision is necessary
  • monitor the curriculum improvement process and approve deviations from the revision schedule
  • make curricula recommendations to the Superintendent.

The (Subject Area) Task Forces will meet according to the five-year rotation schedule. The Task Forces will be responsible for:

  • revising and developing curriculum (following curriculum cycle) according to pre-established format
  • monitoring implementation of curriculum
  • selecting new curriculum materials that reflect curriculum content
  • designing a comprehensive district-wide professional development plan for the respective curriculum area.

At the high school level only, a specific teacher not on the (Subject Area) Task Force may be selected to write an individual course for which no member of the Task Force has the appropriate content knowledge.